Repository of datasets associated to specific studies

Through this page, you can download event datasets, associated to specific studies linked to the ARGONET test-site and including occasionally data from other sites.

Please, have a look at the corresponding papers before downloading data and citing them in your own research!

F. Hollender, Z. Roumelioti, E. Maufroy, P. Traversa and A. Mariscal; Can we trust high-frequency content in strong-motion database signals? Impact of housing, coupling and installation depth of seismic sensors. Seismological Research Letters; 2020, in press.

[Read Me First] – Complementary information about the data-set
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[CR2_0 and CR2_3 site data] | [CR2_0 and CR2_45 site data]

Notice: If downloading of the files takes too long, you can find the same data in the following alternative location: (username: sinaps / password: sinaps)

For further information, please contact fabrice.hollender [at]